Road Haulage  

Vehicle Routing/Scheduling
Vehicle Costing
Digital Tachographs

  Warehousing / Storage  

Third Party
Stock Control

Data Capture

  Traffic Management  


Quantities and Pricing  

Quantities may be entered as units/time, packs/pallets, tonnes/cube and full load or a combination of any of these. Charge units and prices may be entered manually, automatically calculated from the customer rate card or easily selected from the customer history.


Prices may also be entered as estimates and firmed up later. Sub-contract pricing and estimates can be entered here or later during vehicle/sub-contractor allocation .






Traffic Diary, Consignment Booking, Quantities and Pricing,

Invoicing, Sub-Contract Invoice Matching, Documentation, Reports and Analyses, Geographic Gazetter


  Recruitment / Labour  
Front and Back Office
Integrated Payroll
Online Integration
  Accounts / Payroll